A year on the road (Video)

I can’t think of a more adventurous and eventful year in my life than 2016. I had already been hitchhiking for the past 5 months in the Balkans and Turkey, but 2016 marked my entrance into the crazy and wondrous world of Asia.

From being hosted by an entire village in the mountains of Armenia for New Year’s Eve, and later nearly stuck in a snow storm the day of my birthday, sleeping in the 2nd largest mosque in Iran and understanding the true extent of Persian hospitality, crossing the Balochistan desert in Pakistan, celebrating the ecstasic festival of Holi in India, living in a village in the desert of Rajasthan, hiking in the Himalayas, studying Buddhism in a monastery, sleeping at the foot of Mount Everest in Tibet, or riding a motorcycle through South East Asia.

By the end of that  year, I was completely worn out by the traveling life, and when I reached Saigon, I dropped my backpack and lived there for 8 months…

Hope you enjoy this video, which compiles few of the many highlights which made that year exceptional for me!

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